6 Essential Facts to know About Personal Injury Claims

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When you’re seeking compensation for your personal injury case, it’s best to gather as much knowledge as you can about the personal injury claim process. Personal injury cases can be challenging, even complex to understand if you lack essential knowledge on how the process works. So before you file a claim and hire an personal injury attorney in Sacramento for your particular type of case, it’s important you know the essential facts behind it.

Here are 5 important facts one needs to know before filing a lawsuit for compensation:

1. Personal injury cases are not only car accidents

When it comes to personal injury cases, people often related it to car accidents. Car accidents come under the wide circle of personal injury cases. Bicycle accidents, slip-and-falls accidents, motor vehicles accidents, product defect accidents, dog and animal bites, medical malpractice, false imprisonment are all categorized as personal injury claims.

2. Most personal injury cases don’t go to court for trial

Many times, personal injury cases are resolved even before going for trials. Lawyers will make negotiations and demands from another party’s attorney and will aim to resolve the case out of the court. It saves time and money both.

3. You may be entitled to receive compensation beyond your physical harm.

Personal injury case is not just limited to getting compensation for your physical injuries. Emotional trauma, loss of income due to your injuries, and a long-term effect on your health which also affect your current income at job get qualified to receive compensation. It’s important to mention and make your lawyer aware about all the damages you have suffered in your life along with physical injuries.

4. Once you accept the settlement, you can’t proceed against them.

You need to be very careful about the amount you accept as compensation, because once you accept the settlement, you will forever close your case. It’s essential you work with a qualified accident attorney in Sacramento as he can help you understand and assure the maximum compensation you deserve for your case. You should never accept the settlement you feel unsatisfied with.

5. Most personal injury attorneys work on a contingency basis.

If you feel that hiring a Sacramento bicycle accident attorney for your bicycle accident case can be expensive, then you need to know how most personal injury lawyers charge. Many lawyers who handle personal injury cases charge on a contingency basis, meaning you will not have to pay the fees unless you recover your compensation.

6. You can file a personal injury lawsuit only within a limited timeline

The time limits for filing a lawsuit may differ depending on the type of personal injury claim you have filed. Different states have different regulations when it comes to filing personal injury lawsuits. You must be aware of the time limit under which you can file your claim against the at fault party. Seeking help from a professional attorney right after having suffered injuries because of another person’ fault is important.