What Happens if I Lose My Personal Injury Claim?

Personal Injury Claim

When you indulge in any legal case, there is a chance you might lose. A personal injury claim is also one of them. Mostly, the personal injury cases settle outside of the court before going to trial, but few injury claim cases make it to the courtroom. Somehow, if you lose your case in court, you might be able to file an appeal. Otherwise, you will not receive any personal injury damages.

You might have a pool of questions in your mind like, if you don’t win, do you have to pay anything? What are the risks associated with making a personal injury claim? In this article, we will talk about what happens if you lose your personal injury claim or if you win.

How Does the Personal Injury Claim Work?

A personal injury claim refers to a civil legal case where you have the right to claim if you have suffered from an injury in the past three years due to someone else’s negligence. Most claim cases are managed on a no-win, no-fee basis. Simplifying it, if you’ve hired a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento, he will not charge the fee of his work if your claim is not successful. That’s why a solicitor takes only those cases where there is a good chance of success.

What Will Happen if You End Up Losing a Personal Injury Claim?

As we explained above, there is no legal fee you have to pay if you lose the claim. Moreover, you are not liable to pay any other additional costs associated with the claim. These costs include medical assessment costs, the fee of expert witnesses, and the legal cost of a person responsible for your accident. Fortunately, it eliminates a financial risk associated with taking legal action, as none of the above are payable if you lose a personal injury claim.

In addition to the claim, you might have to take an insurance policy, which is called after the event insurance (ATE). This insurance is responsible for covering the legal expenses of the at-fault party if you lose your claim. You don’t have to pay the policy cost if this happens.

We understand how disappointing it is to lose your claim, mainly when those finances could have been used to help your recovery. Therefore, the injury lawyer in Sacramento always performs their best to give you the guaranteed success for your claim.

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What if You Win a Personal Injury Claim?

If you win a personal injury claim, the court will award you compensation for your injuries and financial losses you have suffered. Your compensation will depend on some specific legal guidelines and the impact of the accident caused on your finances.

It encompasses a loss of earnings and medical care you have paid. In the winning case, your auto accident lawyer Sacramento will receive the payment for their work, depending on the accident you were involved in.

They will inform you about their payment at the start of claiming process, so you don’t have to face any surprise costs. Moreover, the cost of the ATE insurance will be in the awarded compensation of your successful claim. Hence there will be no final bill for you to settle, making the process more straightforward.

Making a Personal Injury Claim

We understand how intimidating it can be to go with making a personal injury claim, as there is a lot to consider while doing this. But the foremost thing you shouldn’t worry about is the financial risk of making a personal injury claim. The process is not complicated, and if you lose, you don’t have to face any financial crises. Hiring an experienced attorney for a personal injury claim will be worthwhile if you want to win.