Minor Car Accident No Police Report

Minor Car Accident No Police Report

Vehicle accidents are random and sudden, giving you less time to deal with the consequences. A minor accident may result in minimal damage and no injuries. However, it requires attention to deal with unexpected scenarios. Minor injuries and damages may convince individuals to avoid dealing with the law or seeking a legal representative. Some believe it is futile to do so, and others may not know their right to file a case after an accident. However, it is imperative to contact a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento. Depending on how the crash happened, hiring a lawyer is in your best interest, even for a minor accident.

Know About a Minor Car Accident

Minor auto accidents can cause significant injuries or problems that need ongoing treatment. If you do not file a police report, you may encounter a challenge winning your insurance claim.

When you file a claim with the insurance company, the company uses the police report to calculate the insurance. Adjusters use the report to identify the accident’s cause and to validate and evaluate your property damage and injuries.

If you did not call the police after a minor accident and want to pursue damages, hiring a skilled auto accident lawyer in Sacramento is beneficial in helping you pursue a settlement. Securing the help of a qualified advocate will ensure the best possible outcome.

Common justifications an insurer may use to reject your claim or attempt to pay you less than you deserve to include

• The car crash never happened.
• Your negligence caused the accident.
• Another incident injured you.
• You did not report the police because your injuries do not match the claim.

Speaking with an experienced attorney is crucial to get guidance about the case. A knowledgeable attorney will interview witnesses, collect photographic or video evidence, and consult with experts in accident reconstruction.

In many states, you are not required to call the authority after minor accidents when no one gets hurt, but the law offers you the opportunity to claim your case because unfavourable situations may occur. The better rule to follow is to inform the police and consult with an attorney.

Beware of Deceivers

A lot of times, especially in minor fender benders, the other driver will persuade you to settle the case by not informing the police. They would ask you to trade insurance company information and close the matter. No matter how tempting this may be, falling into this could lead to problems.

Reasons why the other driver may ask you not to call the authority:

  • Might be intoxicated.
  • Has an invalid driver’s license.
  • Uninsured.
  • Outstanding warrants.
  • When the incident occurred, he/she violated the law.

Moreover, without a police record, the other motorist may sue you for car damage or medical issues.


Minor accidents should be reported to save you from unnecessary problems. Calling the police and contacting experienced car accident attorneys is crucial to avoid unfavourable situations. It can help you pursue the compensation you deserve. Legal experts understand insurance companies and will fight to win your case because they are experienced in recovering millions of dollars for clients and will work just as hard for you.