What Not to Do After a Car Accident

What Not to Do After a Car Accident

After the accident, it’s apparent to feel distressed and panicked. You might be wondering whether the insurance will cover the damage. Is anyone hurt? Was I to blame? Consequently, you might end up doing all the wrong things. However, keeping your cool is imperative in this tough situation. Even if it’s hard to stay relaxed in the aftermath of an accident, specifically if you or your loved one has sustained an injury, the decision you choose at this time might have negative or positive consequences.

While understanding what to do after a car collision will help you handle the situation appropriately and hold the right people accountable for the accident, considering what NOT to do might help you jeopardize your claim before it even begins. Furthermore, undertaking the necessary measures following an accident, such as hiring a personal injury lawyer in Sacramento, may improve your likelihood of winning the case.

Things to avoid doing after the accident

Fleeing the scene:

Escaping the accident site after getting into a fender bender might be a misdemeanor. Regardless of how minor the collision seems, it’s critical to stop and evaluate the situation, exchange information with the other motorist, and notify law authorities. Depending on the circumstances, failure to stop and leave the accident site might result in a violation or felony conviction.

Not informing the police:

Calling the police and filing a report is the foremost step following a collision. Even if no police arrive to verify the accident, little evidence and the facts of the occurrence will still be there, leaving possibilities for future arguments and conflicting claims. The report file will accelerate the claim process while providing vital proof in the case of long-term injury.

Lose your calm:

Experiencing a collision can be distressing, and your emotions might intensify after an automobile accident. Even if the accident was their fault, try to remain calm. Losing your temper and becoming angry or outraged with other motorists involved might provide far-reaching consequences. Instead, ascertain that everyone involved in the collision gets the help they need.

Neglecting proper documentation:

If you plan to file a claim, your auto accident lawyer in Sacramento will necessitate more documentation. Hence, following an accident, consider the following:

  • Capture photos of the scene and cars
  • Take down the driver’s name, address, phone number, and driver’s license number (s)
  • Keep a note of the other driver’s auto insurance company and policy number
  • Collect precise contact information for the officer filing the report.

Admitting fault:

Admitting blame in the first place can instantly disadvantage you. Consider not confessing fault at the scene or with the insurance company. Thus, be straightforward about what happened and don’t say it’s all my fault since these statements can jeopardize your claim, and a third party’s insurance might use this statement against you, which is likely to pay you less for the damages.

Not hiring an experienced personal injury lawyer:

Seeking assistance from an experienced personal injury lawyer may help you determine the long-term implications of your injuries and whether you have a valid legal case. Furthermore, there’s no drawback to meeting with a lawyer and gaining a professional evaluation of your case. However, if you don’t contact a personal injury lawyer, you may have difficulty getting compensation and may lose the opportunity to bring a lawsuit due to the statute of limitations.