Can You Claim Car Accident Without Police Report?

can you claim car accident without police report

So, you get involved in a car collision but don’t want to call the police to avoid the hassle. Probably, the next question you might have is, can you still make an insurance claim without having a police report? You know it would be expensive, though. Well, the short answer is, Yes, you can file an insurance claim without a police report! However, while notifying the police might be inconvenient, having more evidence may help you obtain the maximum compensation for your damages.

Additionally, a police report may expedite the claim process and substantiate the veracity of the mishap. Consider consulting with an experienced personal injury lawyer in Sacramento to acquaint you with your legal options and assist you in receiving adequate compensation for the damages from your or the at-fault party’s insurance company. Let’s delve deeper to learn other facts!

Is a Police Report Mandatory if the Car Collision is Minor?

A minor fender bender requires no police record to file insurance. Police engagement is usually not necessitated in tiny scuffles. Rather, in those instances, it becomes your responsibility to preserve the incident specifics. The situation can be handled amicably without police involvement if no one sustains any injury, the damage is trivial, engaged individuals have valid licenses and insurance, and everyone complies.

If the accident is significant and you sustained severe injuries, you must notify the police, seek medical assistance instantly, inform your insurers, and engage an auto accident lawyer in Sacramento.

What Happens if You Don’t Call the Police?

Although submitting a police report in a minor car accident isn’t required by law, calling the police can still be beneficial since the other person can’t always be trustworthy. It could be possible that the person may provide you with forged details, including license, phone number, etc. Police can protect you from such imposters. Additionally, your insurance company or at-fault party’s insurer may demand a police report before proceeding with the claim procedure. Or perhaps, the culpable motorist acts pleasant and honest at the incident site just to plan their tale afterward. While the consequences could be anything, having a police report may safeguard you if such situations arise.

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What Defines a Minimal Auto Accident?

The police report isn’t mandated in most states for minor collisions, but what counts as a small accident differs by state. Many counties don’t allow police to file a report for incidents that happened on private property, including parking lots of the local grocery store or mall. So, unless there’s a strong case, the police don’t respond to such collisions.

However, it’s worth noting that there’s no precise way to evaluate the car damage at the incident site since sometimes seemingly trivial damage demonstrates additional problems after a closer investigation. Thus, acquiring a police report is prudent.

An official examination provides an explicit and exhaustive summary of the events in the collision. Police involvement is necessary if there are severe injuries, substantial damage, or extenuating instances. On the contrary, you can investigate the specifics in small cases.